Before I jump on to graphic novels, I want to take a step back and think about what exactly does a story mean?

A story is a narration of events in sequence arranged purposely for telling. It is like reporting an event except that the narrator controls the events. (Eisner, 2008)


A story can be in any form. For example, stories in words, stories in images, stories orally narrated (grandmother narrating a story in illustration above) etc. All stories have structure (beginning, end and link of events that happen in between). Whether it is a visual medium or textual medium, every story has a framework / skeleton on which the whole narration is built. Structures of a story differs depending upon the nature of story.


(Eisner, 2008)

Book Reference : Eisner, W. (2008). Graphic Storytelling And Visual Narrative . NewYork, USA: W.W. Norton and Company.

One thought on “Stories

  1. Sometimes this is referred to as ‘the narrative arc’. When I studied this one time they used a term to describe the calm at the beginning and the end – ‘equilibrium’. In-between the periods of equilibrium you have highs and lows, different kinds of emotionally-charged tension. But there are other dimensions than this – of course the PLOT is important, but also the SETTING and the CHARACTERS that inhabit that setting. For example a landscape – desert, mountains, high-rise city – can be as important in some ways as any character…

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