4 thoughts on “Illustration styles that I am interested in taking forward

  1. These are beautiful visuals – I very much like them; however you also need to be clear about how you might deploy these illustrative styles – formats, story lines, scenarios etc. Also you could be clearer on your blog about how these stories (or plots or scenarios) will connect with your intended audience. What reaction do you hope for? Have you planned or story-boarded yet? Just some narrative sketches would help.


    1. roomanillusration says:

      Thank you 🙂 Yes I am in process of making sketches. I have noted all the points you talked about. I am starting work on it right now. Thank you so much


  2. Also, I forgot to say: you are not posting frequently enough – there seem to be big gaps in-between your postings eg 12 days. This is too long; I would prefer if you posted a little bit each time, but more frequently. We only have one more tutorial before the Task 1 deadline, so you need to re-read the Task 1 guidelines in the module handbook and try to respond, in the time remaining.


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