“I was playing on a swing in the playground opposite my house. I used to live on the last floor of three floored building. I used to play with my friends for two-three hours in playground across the road everyday. It was a warm evening. Everything around me looked yellow. The park had few trees.We were taking turns on the swing because there were only two swings. I think I was 3-4 years old. It was my turn to swing and I suddenly had this very different feeling. I had thought of a beautiful poetry. At least I thought it was the greatest richest, most beautiful poem in the world. I was very proud of myself and I wanted to tell my mother about how I thought of such a great poem and read it to her as soon as possible. I started running towards my house. There were many people asking me different questions and saying hi to me. I tried ignoring all of them so that I don’t let my attention shift from the greatest poetry. I wanted to say it to my mother exactly the way I had imagined it. I reached the door of my house and rang the bell. Mom opened the door. I was panting. And just when I was going to explain all to her, I totally forgot the story. I still don’t remember it. But I remember the feeling. The feeling that the poem was the best thing in the world. “

The story above is in fact one of the incidents that I clearly remember from my early childhood. It was special to me because I distinctively remember how exactly it felt at that point. I thought “why can’t I take it forward and present it in a graphical format?”

This idea came to me during a discussion with a friend on certain incidents from childhood and how they pop up in our minds time to time. In both of our opinions, it was very fascinating that we can remember so much from our past, early childhood so graphically! This idea caught my interest and I thought of a need to record these graphical memories.


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