A man is a sum of his memories!

Why is it so important to record memories for me? What about people suffering from Dementia and other related diseases? These are few of the questions bothering me since my discussion with Frazer Hudson. I started thinking of the closest example I could think of, my grandfather. Recently he was diagnosed with alzheimer’s and his behaviour kept getting strange since then. My grandpa, who used to keep himself busy by watching television, reading news paper, playing card games, going for walks, chatting with his friends circle has now stopped doing most of these things. The fascinating fact for me was that he stills remembers certain old memories but he can’t remember if he had lunch after one hour after having lunch.

The quote “A man is a sum of his memories” suddenly made sense. Memories are stored so deep within us that even when suffering from dementia, my grandpa could remember small details of his past.

A man is a sum of his memories!

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