Reflective statement

My blog started with storytelling as a main theme. I have always been interested in how stories (visual, oral, memories) are a big part of our personality. I wanted to explore storytelling through images / pictures / illustrations. During the process of exploring storytelling methods, I got attracted towards graphic novel style of telling a story. I am fascinated with the effect graphic novels have on reader’s mind. Mixture of words and images, storyboarded in very attractive way leave an impact that is so similar to the impact that is created after watching a film. From graphic novels, I took a step back and gave a thought to what exactly involves storytelling and its narration.

When I decided that as part of my MA project, I want to tell a story, I started thinking what story should I tell? Options were 1. Tell my own story. 2. Narrating P.L. Deshpande’s (Indian author) stories in a graphical form as all his books mainly have text and no images. I started thinking of what kind of story should I tell in order to connect with people from allover the world? This is when I started developing the concept of memories. Since couple of years I have been very fascinated with how I recall certain memories at unexpected times and how I remember them so graphically. I want to explore this concept in my project and get to know what other people think of memories. Are memories important to everyone? Do they connect to them as strongly as I do? What about people suffering from memory loss?

My current plan is to get to know what people’s perception about memories is. Later explorations could involve creating a platform where people can share their memories and appreciate memories. Basic idea is to illustrate memories.

Reflective statement

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